MIR Fiber Probes with Diamond ATR FTIR Technology

combines extreme robustness, flexibility and affordable price and provides remote, real-time, dynamic FTIR spectra

The advent of ATR Diamond Probes has changed the way chemical reaction mechanisms, intermediates and kinetics are measured today. Since the development of remote sensors based on Diamond ATR technology, infrared spectroscopy can be used to measure reactions under challenging conditions.

An in-depth understanding of the reaction characteristics is imperative to the quick development of a robust and safe process. Traditionally, most analysis were done off-line, where picking-up the sample and preparing it for analysis, with the associated time delay, which changes the exact reaction conditions and compounds. Determination of the exact conversions and intermediates often suffered through sample preparation. With the growing demands of regulatory bodies and expectations to implement a process faster, the search for additional analytics has resulted in a surge of spectroscopic techniques in process and product development.