DiProbe Technology

When coupled to an FTIR the newly introduced DiProbe technology provides an unique capability for monitoring smaller scale reactions taking place in less accessible reactors which may be located in tighter spaces than state of the art remote FTIR probes. It is highly resistant to attack by corrosive or abrasive chemicals and enables direct measurement of reactants, intermediates, by-products and products formed or consumed during a chemical reaction. Additionally the very small sample probe diameter allows sampling directly in containers with narrow openings.

Features of the DiProbe:

  • Diamond ATR element
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Hastelloy shaft
  • Chemical inert sealing
  • Shaft length: up to 50cm
  • Fiber cable length: up to 5m; SMA connectors
Product FeaturesBenefits
ATR based technologyAllows spectra to be collected from a small volume of liquid and eliminates sample quench and pretreatment
In-situ capabilityEliminates off-line sampling and greatly increases the amount of data that may be collected per unit time
DiProbe sensors can be interfaced to a fiber length of up to 5mAffords outstanding flexibility when positioning instruments in laboratories, pilot plants and plants.
High throughput single fiber technology is usedUp to 4 Probes can be coupled to 1 FTIR
Chemical compatibility of a diamond ATR elementAllows reaction/process monitoring in challenging chemical environments at high and low temperature and at high pressure
Probe body and seal constructed from Hastelloy and inert brazingsNo corrosion whatever the chemical environment
6mm probe head sizeEnables to interface the probe to reactors where space or volume is limited
Probe availability in overall lengths of 5 to 50cmPermits integration of probes into all kind of vessels, pipes, flow cells and drain valves.
ReproducibilityConsistent spectral performance over time
High flexibility
Alignment and optical throughput are assured whatever the conformation of the fiber cable
Low weightEase of use
No purge requiredSince reduced path length of the IR radiation traveling through, the absorption bands due to water vapor and CO2 are diminished.
Affordable priceAffordable Price: Existing FTIR Equipment can be used

Spectral Grade Fiber Cables

  • Structure: core/clad
  • Composition: AgCl/AgBr
  • Diameter: 0.9mm/1mm , others on request
  • Refractive index: 2.2
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5
  • Max. Lengh: 5m
  • Connectors: SMA type
  • Housing: PEEK
  • Cabling: Single fiber or bundle
  • Bending radius: > 15cm