• DiProbe Technology
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Throughput >3%
  • Appropriate for internal DTGS detector coupling
  • Extreme high performance in combination with MCT fiber detector
  • Affordable price for customer with own FTIR equipment

External MCT fiber detector

  • Micro MCT detector element for highest sensitivity
  • Highest coupling efficiency by matched fiber coupling (2-3 times higher sensitivity)
  • Customized fiber length
  • No alignment required
  • Dewars with holding time up to 24h available

External Incoupling optics

  • Highest efficiency: apertur matched to NA of fiber probe
  • Can be adapted to all commercial FTIR spectrometers
  • No re-alignment required
  • AR coated lens- or gold coated mirror optics

In-/Outcoupling Optics (for internal detector use)

  • Highest throughput by AR coated lens or non-imaging mirror optics
  • SMA coupling technology

Remote FTIR Systems

  • DiProbe/Standard + In-/outcoupling optics + FTIR Spectrometer (MCT/DTGS detector)
  • DiProbe/Upgrade + In-/outcoupling optics + FTIR Spectrometer (MCT/DTGS detector)

Ideal solution for customer without FTIR equipment